Saturday, January 11, 2020

Fun Fridays

      On Fridays, fourth graders usually enjoy having a little extra freedom and fun.  In our classroom, the day begins with some tech-free choice time.  It's wonderful to see kids play board games, draw, read, and chat with their friends. 

 We play games during morning meeting and enjoy a leisurely snack, giving plenty of time to socialize. 
      Book choice (within genre and levels) is almost always built into our reading curriculum, but on Fridays, we forgo structured reading mini-lessons and simply practice our reading stamina with choice books.

Ending the day and school week with Mr. G. and P.E. class is an extra perk in this year's schedule!

Thanks to this week's class photographer, Hayden, for capturing these images!

Monday, January 6, 2020

National Geographic Bee

Next week, fourth graders will be participating in the National Geographic School Bee.  This is a fun experience that builds community and encourages us to think about the world beyond Vermont.  The GeoBee is meant to be a fun experience that motivates us to think and learn!  

If kids would like to take some time to prepare, below are links they may find helpful.  Remember that the GeoBee will also ask questions about history, culture, and climate, while also focusing on vocabulary.  There is no one right way to prepare for the GeoBee, and the questions are randomly assigned.  


Site for the National GeoBee:

A video to help us understand why we participate in the GeoBee:

Meet a winner of the National Geographic Bee and learn more about what geography is:

You can practice at home with fun Apps like: "Stack the States" or "Stack the Countries"

You can visit free.rice and select from one of the geography categories.

Here are links to songs that will help you learn where places are around the world:

More Videos to Watch & Study:

Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Year's Resolutions

       It was so wonderful to welcome students back today!  We shared highlights from our winter break and we eased into 2020 with some choice reading time, an opportunity to estimate length and measure objects in the classroom, and by discussing what it means to be kind. 
      We also embarked on a discussion about New Year's resolutions.  We learned why January is the first month of the year, and why people have historically made resolutions around this time of year.  We had a thoughtful discussion about 5 areas of our lives that people often focus on when wanting to make changes or improvements--personal life, health, professional/school, relationships, and world/community causes. Students brainstormed their own resolutions and took steps towards making them into attainable goals.  Be sure to ask your fourth grader what they plan to work on in the upcoming months!
      While reflecting on my own professional life, I realized that my updates to this blog have become less frequent.  In the new year, I resolve to post more so that you can get a window into your fourth grader's life here at school.  To attain this goal, I am going to utilize our weekly student class photographer.  I aim to share at least once per week.  Stay tuned!

Friday, November 22, 2019

We are Readers and Writers!

Readers and writers share their work, and these kids LOVE to share!  I am so thankful for getting to work with such bright, curious, kind kiddos.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!  Remember to read, read, read!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Story Time with Mr. Alberghini

      Mr. Alberhini joined the fourth graders this week to tell them a story!  His facial expressions, sound effects, character descriptions, and humor kept his audience captivated.  We learned great storytelling techniques from Mr. Alberghini.  We will continue to practice our oral and written narrating skills within our realistic fiction unit!